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Individual. Incredible. Out of the Ordinary. Bhutan is the world’s last great Himalayan kingdom with surprises around every corner.

There’s a magic in Bhutan’s crystal clear air. Guarded by the world’s highest mountains, grazed upon by lumbering yaks and bizarre takin goat-antelopes; populated by semi-nomadic tribes and beaming farmers in traditional robes, Bhutan boasts awe-inspiring landscapes and untainted Buddhist culture.

Bhutan has continually been ranked as the happiest country in all of Asia, and one of the happiest countries in the world. Even with globalisation, Bhutan has been able to preserve their Buddhist traditions, and they remain the last standing Buddhist Kingdom.

Saving the environment is not a part of law or rule. Bhutanese simply believe that conservation of the environment is the way of life. Also, conservation of the environment is one of the pillars of their happiness index. In Bhutan, it is believed that teaching kids to be good people is as important as getting good grades.

Steeped in mystery and Buddhist tradition, Bhutan is Asia’s real life Shangri-La, a kingdom of dramatic Himalayan landscapes, mystical dzongs, and unique wildlife.

A holiday to Bhutan is akin to visiting another world, the country’s strong focus on sustainable, low-volume tourism meaning your experience will be authentic and immersive. Characterised by its forested mountain peaks, vivid prayer flags and traditional fortresses, Bhutan is a haven for culture seekers and nature lovers.

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